Supplier code of conduct

This supplier code of conduct describes requirements for suppliers set by Nokian Tyres PLC. Nokian Tyres expects all of its suppliers to conform to these principles defined below. These requirements are consistent with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as The International Labor Organization’s declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Humane treatment
Human rights shall to be respected and all employees treated with dignity and respect. There shall not be harsh or inhumane treatment, including any type of harassment, sexual abuse or corporal punishment.

Child labour
Child labour shall not be used under any circumstances. The minimum age is 15 or the age of completion of compulsory schooling or the minimum age for employment in supplier’s country, whichever is highest.

Forced labour
Forced, compulsory or bonded labour shall not be used. All employees must be freely chosen and shall be free to leave work or terminate their employment within reasonable notice.

Employees shall not be discriminated based on gender, race, colour, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, nationality, marital status, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation, social status, union membership or other such characteristics.

Working hours
Workweek shall not exceed the maximum set by local laws. Work in excess of 60 hours per week or in excess of six days per week shall not be required, unless the conditions are unusual. Overtime shall be voluntary. In addition, operations shall be managed in such way that overtime that does not exceed levels that create inhumane conditions.

Freedom of association
The rights of employees to associate freely, join or form trade unions and bargain collectively shall be respected as far as laws allow.

Working conditions
A working environment shall be safe and healthy. In addition, whenever housing or eating facilities are provided, they shall be consistent with the laws.

Employees shall be protected from sickness, disease and injury arising from their employment. Appropriate safety and health information and training shall be provided for employees. Moreover, employees shall have a right to refuse to work if the conditions are unsafe.

Compensation and employment conditions
All employees shall be paid at least a minimum wage required by local laws. Employees shall be provided with a proper wage statement of every pay period and the basis on which they are paid shall be clearly conveyed to them. Deductions from wages shall not be used as a disciplinary measure. In addition, employees shall be compensated for overtime hours in compliance with the local laws.

Business shall be conducted without any form of extortion or bribery.